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“Lizzie’s insights into mindset and motivation have completely changed my view of goal setting and success. I can’t begin to thank her for sharing her experiences and advice with us today.”

Workshop Attendee

My background is in elite sport where I competed at an international level for around 12 years, including two Olympic Games and multiple World, Commonwealth and European Championships.

I retired from competing in 2018 and since then have become fascinated with human performance, exploring how (and why) elite athletes can consistently maintain such high output in an extremely competitive and pressured environment. This ‘winning mindset’ isn’t something we’re born with—we’re trained to develop it over time, and like any skill, it can be deconstructed and taught to others. Over the past two years I’ve found that sharing some of the performance mechanisms from elite sport can increase engagement, motivation and productivity within a multitude of different professions.

I have an additional passion for wellbeing and the impact that mental and physical health can have on our success at work (and in life!) Right now there is a huge demand in helping individuals and organisations manage change, adapt to an uncertain climate, and thrive going forwards.

I deliver key-note speeches or interactive workshops to a wide range of audiences. I will always engage with the host prior to the event to ensure my messaging is going to deliver the most impact to the client and audience. Please direct all consulting enquiries to

“Just a thank you for facilitating the session with Lizzie Simonds this afternoon. Great session on many levels. In particular helpful to get an insight into the mindset of elite performance and for me its application to the work that we do with leaders at an organisational and personal level.”

Audience Member
Hosted Q&A with Teach First and Vitality

Example Topics

Resilience & Mindset

  • Our ability to be resilient is influenced by many factors, but it’s a skill we can be intentional and proactive about (we don’t just have to go through tough stuff!)
  • Responding to your environment: understand/accept/thrive
  • Understanding the choice we have when faced with adversity. Obstacle vs opportunity.
  • How confidence & self-worth impact resilience
  • Becoming comfortable with mini-failures as a positive part of challenge and learning

Motivation & Purpose

  • An introduction to motivation and why many people feel their motivation fluctuate during challenging times
  • Self-Determination Theory (Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness)
  • Understanding how to prime your environment to increase motivation
  • Re-connecting with purpose as individuals and teams during challenging times

Managing Pressure & Stress

  • Understanding the brain: what is happening when we’re ‘hijacked’ by our Amygdala (emotional control centre), leading to the classic symptoms of stress/anxiety?
  • Self-limiting beliefs: how to acknowledge and manage your self-talk and personal narrative
  • How to plan for and re-frame stressful situations in order to stay on top of emotions
  • Prioritising mental and physical health to reduce burnout and increase wellbeing

Goal Setting

  • The power of identity in shaping behaviour and success (and why it’s risky to focus only on outcomes and results)
  • The paradox around identity & habits—how our identity shapes our behaviour and our actions shape our identity (why both good and bad habits self-perpetuate!)
  • Breaking goals into small processes to maintain momentum & motivation
  • Planning for adversity—creating a ‘roadmap’ to identify & overcome barriers

Adapting to Change: Creativity & Innovation

  • Change is often feared but there is risk in stasis too; change can be transformational
  • Innovation requires risk; with risk comes the inevitable potential for failure
  • To realise your potential you have to challenge your capabilities—accepting the risk associated with this
  • Understanding the interplay between failure and success: how to navigate failure and use it to your advantage
  • Where does risk live in your organisation/team?
  • Using cognitive diversity to solve problems creatively


  • Understanding the difference between superficial confidence (reliant on external validation) and true confidence (based around grounding principles and values)
  • Why our confidence has been impacted by the Covid-19 lockdown and changes to ways of working
  • Building confidence-boosting strategies into your routine

Team Work

  • The impact of role clarity on motivation and momentum
  • What does it mean to have shared vision & purpose?
  • Leadership and building a culture of trust, challenge and support
  • Care beyond functionality


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