Swim Clinics

“Inspiring the next generation of sporting superstars…”

Since I retired from professional competition in 2018, my masterclass swim ‘clinics’ have been hugely popular with swimming clubs and schools, both in the UK and internationally. They are a great opportunity to transfer technical skills and knowledge to the next generation, and include poolside coaching as well as water-based demonstrations.

The final structure and combination for the day is entirely up to the club/school, and will be catered specifically to ensure the content and exercises are applicable for the ages and abilities present. I will always have a phone chat with the coach/teacher/manager beforehand to discuss the structure of the day and ensure each visit provides maximum value. I will also ask if there are any key messages or specific themes that the club/school would like me to reinforce, both in and out of the pool.

“Lizzie’s visit was an unforgettable few days for our school and swimming club, and we would love to have her back again in the future!”

Stu Clarke
Head Coach, British School Muscat (Oman)

Masterclass Structure

In the Water

  • Technique session focused on skills and drills (all four strokes)
  • Streamlining, starts, turns and underwater butterfly leg kick
  • I will demonstrate some favourite drills on front crawl and backstroke
  • If applicable, I can also work more closely with a single lane or a few swimmers

Land Work

  • Land based warm up,
  • mobility and stretching
  • Pilates/core work
  • Workshop about the importance of priming (raising and maintaining body temperature before racing)
  • Time-dependant can help the athletes create their own pre-pool or pre-race activation programme


  • Goal setting
  • Performance psychology and how to manage nerves
  • Managing disappointment and re-framing failure
  • Nutrition: fuelling our bodies for performance
  • Motivation, focus and discipline
  • Building confidence

All presentations will include a Q&A and I will bring some medals to be passed around. There will also be an autograph signing session and I’ll have some signed photos for everyone to take home. Parents are welcome to join for the presentation and Q&A.

For more information, and to enquire about bookings, please email info@lizziesimmonds.com

Adapting to Covid-19

Since March 2020, many clubs have been implementing physical distancing measures to align to official government guidance. I have adapted my content into an entire syllabus of online presentations, each focused on a different part of the elite athlete mindset. Since the UK lockdowns have been in place, I have been delivering this content across the world, reaching greater audiences and having even more impact during challenging times.

“We have been so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from Lizzie during lockdown. I was feeling unmotivated when all my competitions were cancelled but she has been really inspiring and fun, and I have learnt so much about the elite athlete mindset. I’m excited to make some new goals for the season ahead.”

Covid-19 Lockdown Presentations

“The whole visit was fantastic and so inspirational for our swimmers, coaches and parents alike. The engagement in the pool has had a very positive response from the swimmers as I have been collecting feedback. I hope that we might do more of these sessions in the future and already have more fundraising ideas to raise funds.”

Jeremy Southgate
Halstead Swimming Club

“The communication was brilliant, I particularly appreciated that you wanted to make sure you were backing up what we were saying to them. I hope we would be saying the same anyway, but I appreciate that you checked with us. You were so approachable and generous with your time and medals – are you sure you got them all back!? The day was perfect and from all our points of view, it passed by so quickly – the end of the day came too quickly. We would thoroughly recommend you and hope to be able to invite you back some time.”

North Devon Marlins
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